Three Subtle Signs Your Loved One Might Be Struggling With Substance Abuse

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Addiction and substance abuse are never things to take lightly, and every year millions of American's are affected by these terrible afflictions or see a loved one go through them. A lot of people who do have a loved one who is abusing drugs or alcohol might not even know until they get very deep into their addiction. That is because often they will try to hide it to avoid embarrassment or shame, even though they know in their head that you will love them regardless.

3 December 2021

LASIK Surgery: A Viable Option For Diabetics

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Many people believe that having diabetes disqualifies them for LASIK surgery, which stands for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis. This refractive laser procedure can dramatically improve certain vision problems such as nearsightedness and astigmatism. While uncontrolled diabetes poses risks for virtually all types of surgery, including eye surgery, you can still enjoy the benefits of LASIK surgery, a type of refractive laser surgery, if you meet the following criteria.  Retinopathy Assessment

2 November 2021

Information On Different Types Of Rehabilitative Care

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Rehabilitative care is a type of care that revolves around caring for patients who have a health condition, an injury, or have undergone a surgery that has left them struggling in some way. In some cases, the person who needs rehabilitative care may have one primary issue, while others can have many of them. The type of care the patient needs will be determined by their medical care team. You can learn more about some examples of rehabilitative care that some patients may require in this article.

30 September 2021

Insight To Help You Make Success Of Your Workout Fitness Program

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Exercise is a beneficial activity that will improve your mood, increase your alertness, boost your metabolism, and improve your overall health. Here are some recommendations to help you make the most out of your workout and fitness program. Find a Convenient Location When you are planning to work out and start a steady fitness program, it is helpful to have access to a local gym where you can complete your workout indoors.

7 September 2021

When You Might Use CBD Roll-On Gel Products

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CBD is great because it treats different things and comes in multiple forms. One of these is a roll-on gel product. Here are a couple of scenarios when using this type of CBD variety might be ideal for the pain you're in.  Plenty of Extracts to Choose From In addition to benefitting from the CBD component that comes in these gel products, you may want to benefit from other things. That is absolutely possible because CBD roll-on gel products offer a lot of other extracts to choose from.

5 August 2021

Struggling With Your Weight? How A Nutritionist Can Help With Your Weight Loss Journey

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Losing weight is one of the single biggest challenges for many adults. Add in any kind of chronic illness and the problem becomes even more difficult. That's why many people turn to medical professionals for weight loss support. If you've recently reached out to your doctor about your weight loss concerns, they may have suggested that you meet with a nutritionist for further guidance and support. Here's a look at what you need to know about how a nutritionist can help you in your weight loss journey.

7 July 2021

3 FAQ About Colorectal Cancer

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According to recent statistics, about 149,500 people in the United States will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer this year. The National Cancer Institute (NIH) states that colorectal cancers are among the five most common cancers in the country. This type of cancer affects either the colon, the rectum, or both. Colorectal cancer occurs when tumors form in the large intestine, the colon, and/or the rectum. If you would like to know more, here are the answers to three frequently asked questions about colorectal cancer.

7 June 2021

Birth Control: The Pills

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Birth control is a preventative measure you use or take to lessen the chance of becoming pregnant. There are many different kinds of birth control. Birth control can come in the form of a condom, an implantable device, a pill, etc. There's an option to fit everyone's needs.  What Are Birth Control Pills? There are actually two types of birth control pills people can choose from.  Combination Pill This is the most common pill people take.

30 April 2021

Allergies 101: 5 Clear Signs That You Should Get Tested

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Are you wondering whether your runny and stuffy nose are symptoms of a cold or an allergy? What about the skin ointment that is causing an itchy or burning sensation? It's easy to confuse allergies with other non-allergic conditions that have similar symptoms. However, distinguishing between the two will enable you to get the right treatment and fast relief. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, approximately 50 million Americans are affected by allergies.

6 April 2021

Clearing Up Some Myths About Depression

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Depression is something people are talking about a lot nowadays. Despite the fact that the stigma around it is slowly disappearing, it's still easy to fall into the trap of believing the falsehoods around depression, especially since psychiatrists are still learning so much about it. Here are a couple of myths that you may accidentally be buying into. Myth: Depressed People Can't Function In some people, depression certainly does get severe enough to keep them in bed all day and completely unable to function.

26 January 2021