Three Subtle Signs Your Loved One Might Be Struggling With Substance Abuse

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Addiction and substance abuse are never things to take lightly, and every year millions of American's are affected by these terrible afflictions or see a loved one go through them. A lot of people who do have a loved one who is abusing drugs or alcohol might not even know until they get very deep into their addiction. That is because often they will try to hide it to avoid embarrassment or shame, even though they know in their head that you will love them regardless. That is why being aware of the signs of a subtle substance abuse habit is so key for loved ones.

Erratic Schedule

One of the biggest signs that substance abuse is really taking a toll on someone is their inability to keep to a regular schedule. Even if someone wasn't very punctual before, if they are under the control of substance abuse, then it will become even worse. They might simply stop showing up to regularly arranged gatherings or will be continuously late to work. Don't just palm this off as them having a bad time at the moment that will get better. Always look into it at least a little bit further to ensure that if they need substance abuse treatment, they get it.

Major Mood Swings

When you are addicted to something as strong and damaging as drugs or alcohol, not getting regular fixes of that substance can cause you to behave in ways you would never normally expect. If you notice that the person you care about is struggling to follow social cues and is consistently angry or bringing the mood down, then don't cut them out; they could need some help. Isolating them can make the problem worse, even if it is the easy thing to do. If you can, try to talk to others around them and see if you are the only one noticing these swings or if they do as well.

Doesn't Enjoy Things They Used To Love

Most people have a passion of some kind, whether that be their favorite sports team, tinkering with a car, going out to a certain restaurant or even something as simple as reading a good book on a weekend. When someone is going through substance abuse, this can take up their whole focus and make them ignore their beloved passions, or at least spend a lot less time on them. The substance they're addicted to can become their whole world, and even if you can't see what that is at the moment, the fact they are dropping their old hobbies is always cause for concern. 


3 December 2021

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