Clearing Up Some Myths About Depression

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Depression is something people are talking about a lot nowadays. Despite the fact that the stigma around it is slowly disappearing, it's still easy to fall into the trap of believing the falsehoods around depression, especially since psychiatrists are still learning so much about it. Here are a couple of myths that you may accidentally be buying into.

Myth: Depressed People Can't Function

In some people, depression certainly does get severe enough to keep them in bed all day and completely unable to function. If that's how you expect depression to manifest, though, it could sneak up on you in subtle ways that you aren't watching for. You might still be going to work, caring for your kids, or taking care of the various responsibilities you have, but you can still have depression. Everyone has bad days, of course, but if going about your normal duties is starting to feel like an uphill battle the majority of the time or you feel like you're barely keeping your head above water, don't rule out depression just because you're technically still functioning.

Myth: Depression Always Manifests As Sadness

You might not catch depression in yourself if you expect to feel sad all the time. Some people certainly do feel sad and cry a lot, but it's different for everyone. Some people feel easily irritated and lash out at loved ones. Others feel stuck and unable to make decisions, even simple ones. Some don't feel anything at all and therefore feel more numb than sad. You may feel like you've lost your passion for your work or other activities that used to be meaningful to you. You may feel overly tired or a general sluggishness. There are many ways depression can manifest, so don't hesitate to ask for help even if it's not a constant sadness you're feeling.

Myth: You Shouldn't Be Depressed If Your Life Is Good

Depression doesn't care how much money you make. It doesn't care how many supportive people are in your life, how talented you are, or how many people are worse off than you. It's possible to be depressed even if you are aware of how blessed you are. Depression can be situational, like if a family member dies, but it also is caused by chemicals in the brain, which doesn't have to be connected to anything in your life. Never hesitate to ask for help because you think your life is "too good" for you to be depressed. It's wonderful to be aware of your blessings in life, but don't let yourself believe that you're not allowed to need mental health services.

These are only a few of the depression myths circling around in the world. Unfortunately, they are easy to believe and may lead to you suffering in silence. Always reach out to a mental health clinic if you need information about psychiatric services. Depression can become severe, so don't wait. Get help as soon as possible.


26 January 2021

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