Information On Different Types Of Rehabilitative Care

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Rehabilitative care is a type of care that revolves around caring for patients who have a health condition, an injury, or have undergone a surgery that has left them struggling in some way. In some cases, the person who needs rehabilitative care may have one primary issue, while others can have many of them. The type of care the patient needs will be determined by their medical care team. You can learn more about some examples of rehabilitative care that some patients may require in this article. 

Physical therapy

Physical therapy can help people with their pain, mobility, strength, balance, and much more. Physical therapy will have the goal of getting the person to the best possible place where they feel less pain and are able to gain more independence. It also helps to reduce the risks of someone injuring themselves during a fall by focusing on helping them to become more steady. The physical therapist may also work on teaching them the proper way to fall should a fall be inevitable so that they will sustain as few injures as possible.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy is a type of therapy that helps people who are dealing with a medical condition or issue that affects them in their daily lives. The occupational therapist will determine the areas of the person's life that can be improved through therapy and then come up with a plan to help them improve. Some of the types of things that this therapy can help with can include helping someone learn how to do things with their new aides, such as a wheelchair or a prosthetic. They may also help someone learn how to use eating utensils, get dressed, and much more. The occupational therapist may see a patient in their office, or they may go to the person's home, place of work, or even work with them out in the community. 

Speech therapy

Some people start to exhibit speech issues as children when they begin learning to talk. While many speech issues can be expected in a young child, they generally outgrow them. However, when the child does not outgrow them, then a speech therapist can help. Also, there are conditions that can affect someone's speech, such as having a stroke. A speech therapist will determine the cause of the person's speech deficit and work with them to improve their speech using different techniques.


30 September 2021

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