Healthcare Advocacy | What You Can Learn From A Healthcare Podcast Show

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Being a healthcare advocate means ensuring that your patient's rights, needs, and interests are respected and that their care is of the highest quality. It's an important job, but it's not always easy. Fortunately, healthcare podcasts can provide you with valuable information on how to become better healthcare advocates. Here are a few things you can learn from a healthcare podcast show about being a better healthcare advocate. Improve Communication Skills

30 November 2022

Reasons To Book A Stay At A Hospital Or Clinic For Special Surgery Rehab

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Did you recently undergo an especially intrusive or risky surgery or do you have such a surgery planned for the future? If you know it will take some time before you will be able to fully bounce back from this surgery, you may be looking at options to speed up the rehab or recovery process. To that end, it's possible today to book a stay at a hospital for special surgery rehab where you will receive daily inpatient care to aid you in the recovery process.

31 October 2022

How To Know When You Need Urgent Medical Care Services

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Medical care is never something that you should take lightly, even though millions of Americans suffer through aches, pains and discomfort because they are worried about the cost of rest and recuperation. However, there comes a point where not even the most tough can withstand the pain anymore and it is important that you recognize when you need urgent care and follow through to get it. Medical care services can be found in every state and city, and the urgent care portions of these facilities are well staffed and here to help you when no one else can.

16 September 2022

Getting Jaw Surgery? Know These 4 Things

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Are you getting ready to undergo jaw surgery and do you have some questions about it? You'll likely want to know the following things before you go in for the procedure.  What Preparation Is Needed Before Jaw Surgery? There is a bit of preparation that needs to be done before you have jaw surgery. It is common for you to get a CT scan, which allows the doctor to create a 3D model of your jaw.

22 August 2022

Diverticulitis? 3 Ways A Gastroenterologist May Be Invaluable

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Diverticulitis is a medical condition that affects the colon. Inflammation of diverticula, or small bulging pockets along the large intestine, cause discomfort and pain in sufferers. Any disorder that relates to the digestive system like diverticulitis is treated by a gastroenterologist. Read on to learn about these three ways your gastroenterologist may be invaluable in the face of diverticulitis. 1. Help You Discover the Likelihood of Diverticulitis Many patients feel no symptoms with diverticulitis, but they could become more noticeable later if you experience flare-ups.

19 July 2022

Treatment Information Osteoarthritis Patients Need To Know

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Osteoarthritis is a condition that many people will develop as they move through the aging process. Unfortunately, this is a condition that can have devastating impacts on a person's quality of life and range of movement. For individuals that find themselves suffering from this condition, there are many osteoarthritis treatment options that they may be able to utilize. Diagnostic Tests Can Provide Accurate Assessments Of The Scope Of Your Arthritis Problem

13 June 2022

Low Income & Well Water? Double Whammy For Cavity Risks In Children

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According to the CDC, over half of children 6-8 years old have at least one cavity in their baby teeth and over half of 12-19-year-old adolescents have at least one cavity in their adult teeth. What's even more alarming is that children who grow up in families with low-income are twice as likely to have cavities than children in incomes that have a higher income. Having well water as the water source for your home also increases the risks of your children getting cavities.

11 April 2022

When Should You Consider Seeing A Psychiatrist About Your Anxiety?

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While anxiety is a normal part of life, it can sometimes become so pervasive or severe that it becomes a medical disorder. An anxiety disorder can severely affect your quality of life — you may find yourself constantly avoiding anything that triggers your anxiety, like driving, socializing in groups, or speaking to people on the phone. If you suffer from anxiety, you may be wondering when it's time to see a psychiatrist about it.

11 April 2022

Knee Pain Stem Cell Treatment Offers Many Patients Hope

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People who suffer from chronic knee pain because of an injury, arthritis or another degenerative medical condition often try to find relief through medication, surgery or alternative therapies. Knee pain stem cell treatment is an innovative therapy option that has helped relieve pain for many chronic knee pain sufferers substantially. This treatment can be especially appealing for people with chronic knee pain who don't want to have to endure the prolonged recovery period and possible complications of knee surgery.

14 March 2022

Three Issues That You Should Always Speak Up About At Your Cancer Treatment Center

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When undergoing any kind of cancer treatment at an oncology center, it is important to remember that a lot of what you feel and process isn't visible to the healthcare professionals around you. While you might think it is fairly obvious that you are in a good deal of pain or experiencing odd symptoms, they likely won't be able to perceive that until it gets much more serious, which is why you need to remember to be vocal about how you are feeling.

8 February 2022