Getting Jaw Surgery? Know These 4 Things

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Are you getting ready to undergo jaw surgery and do you have some questions about it? You'll likely want to know the following things before you go in for the procedure. 

What Preparation Is Needed Before Jaw Surgery?

There is a bit of preparation that needs to be done before you have jaw surgery. It is common for you to get a CT scan, which allows the doctor to create a 3D model of your jaw. Dental models can also be taken with molds. This allows the doctor to digitally and virtually plan how they are going to make adjustments to your jaw. 

How Long Can You Expect The Surgery To Take? 

The length of every jaw surgery is going to be different depending on what needs to be done to make the necessary corrections. However, it should only be a few hours, and you will be asleep for all of that time. It is also common to stay overnight at the hospital for observation and aftercare and for you to go home the following day. A longer hospital stay may be necessary for a more intense surgery. 

Will Your Jaw Be Wired Shut? 

Many people assume that jaw surgery requires that their jaw be wired shut during the recovery process. This is not necessarily true depending on your surgery. It is likely that your jaw will have tight rubber bands around your teeth, but your jaw will be able to move in this instance. This is due to using titanium plates in your jawbone, which can potentially stay there forever. Titanium plates can be removed in the future if you want them removed or if it is necessary for other health reasons. However, those metal plates are not likely to cause problems. 

What Other Procedures Can Be Done At The Same Time?

Having jaw surgery brings up the possibility of having other procedures done at the same time. It is possible to perform a genioplasty procedure where your chin is altered or to remove fat located underneath your chin to make that area look better. A doctor can even do skeletal augmentation to make enhancements to your cheekbones. 

If you still have your wisdom teeth, it is possible that the dentist will remove them during jaw surgery. This typically needs to be done when you are older, and it can save you the hassle of having the procedure done later. 

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22 August 2022

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