3 Ways To Enhance Revenue In Your Dental Practice

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While you may be in the dental field to help people maintain their oral health and smiles, making a profit is also important. While a dental care provider is a valuable service provider for the community, some practices struggle when it comes to the financial aspects of their business. Particularly, it can be difficult to maintain a stable revenue or grow revenue over time. For this reason, many dentists turn to a revenue cycle management service in an effort to stabilize revenue and build a more profitable business model. Take a look at a few ways to enhance the revenue of your dental practice. 

1. Examine Your Billing and Collection Practices 

Simple fallacies in your billing and collections process can negatively affect the profitability and cash flow of your business. For example, if you are getting a lot of denied medical claims, this can create payment delays that affect cash flow from month to month. Further, denied claims cost you time, which can mean they also cost your practice money because staff members have to focus on amending and resubmitting claims instead of focusing on patient services. Likewise, an ill-formed patient collections process can mean you have a lot of outstanding payments that don't get paid.

2. Modernize Your Operations with Innovative Technology 

In any field of medicine, technology is now one of the most valuable tools. The right technological programs and software can enhance the revenue of your dental practice in several ways. For example, investing in good electronic health record (EHR) software cuts back time spent on manual patient documentation and finding patient information. Likewise, implementing things like automated programs for patient check-ins, appointment reminders, and patient satisfaction surveys can help with things like overall reputation and negating missed appointments. 

3. Work with a Revenue Cycle Management Service 

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is all about helping facilities track their revenue to make sure it adequately supports the operation and supports profits. From the time a patient visits your practice, RCM is used to track how long it takes for payment for those services to be finalized. An RCM service can help with maintaining a stable revenue stream by looking at things like the revenue stream workflow, billable clinical hours, and clinical functions. Working with these providers can reduce issues with denied medical claims, cash flow impediments, and issues with expenses, to name a few, which can enhance your revenue profoundly.


14 February 2023

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