Knee Pain Stem Cell Treatment Offers Many Patients Hope

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People who suffer from chronic knee pain because of an injury, arthritis or another degenerative medical condition often try to find relief through medication, surgery or alternative therapies. Knee pain stem cell treatment is an innovative therapy option that has helped relieve pain for many chronic knee pain sufferers substantially. This treatment can be especially appealing for people with chronic knee pain who don't want to have to endure the prolonged recovery period and possible complications of knee surgery.

How Knee Pain Stem Cell Treatment is Done

Stem cells that the body produces naturally can be drawn by needle from tissues or bone marrow in other parts of the body and injected into a knee where pain is originating. Before the stem cells are injected, they go through a special process in a laboratory to maximize growth factors that will make these cells the most effective in treating knee pain. Once the stem cells are injected into the knee, they can spur healing and reparative processes and work to alleviate pain. 

Cartilage Regeneration

Osteoarthritis and other types of knee arthritis can wear down cartilage in the knee joint, and knee pain stem cell treatment can help regrow some of the lost cartilage. Torn cartilage from an injury can also be repaired if stem cells are injected. 

Decreased Inflammation

Inflammation can exacerbate knee pain and prolong suffering, and knee pain stem cell treatment may provide relief by reducing inflammation in and around the knee joint. The swelling that often accompanies inflammation may also be relieved with this treatment.

May Prevent or Delay Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is a highly invasive procedure that usually involves a prolonged recovery period and an intensive rehabilitative plan. Patients who want to avoid knee replacement surgery or at least put off having the procedure done for as long as possible may respond well to knee pain stem cell treatment.

Easier Movements

When knee pain and stiffness have been alleviated with this therapy, the knee will be able to flex and extend easier. More weight can also be put on a knee that isn't experiencing chronic pain, which can be especially beneficial for certain physical activities. Athletes who want to get back in the game or anyone else who enjoys leading an active lifestyle will be able to do more physical activities if their knees are able to move easier without pain thanks to the help of knee pain stem cell treatment.

Knee pain stem cell treatment may be a great alternative for patients who have tried other knee therapies without much success or want to try to avoid surgery. People who are interested in this therapy can talk to a medical professional who offers knee pain stem cell treatment to receive more detailed information.


14 March 2022

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