Going through Menopause and No Longer Enjoy Sex? 2 Possible Causes and What to Do

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If you are going through menopause, your body is going through many changes. One of these changes is your sexual health. Menopause can cause you to no longer enjoy sex and cause your libido to drop drastically. Fortunately, you and your partner can have a better sex life if you understand the potential causes and some of your options. 

Vaginal Looseness

When you were younger, your vaginal walls were tighter which can help you enjoy sex. As you age, however, your vaginal walls will loosen drastically. This can make sex painful or less enjoyable for you and your sexual partner. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help with vaginal looseness. One of these things is known as labiaplasty, which is a type of surgery that is performed in a hospital by a surgeon. 

There are two different types of labiaplasty procedures: trim and wedge. The trim procedure is commonly used by many surgeons. This involves removing excess labia minora and then sutured back which will make the vaginal walls tighter. The wedge procedure involves removing part of the labia minora and then suturing back. This will also tighten the muscles in the vaginal wall.

If you're not ready for surgery, there are also many types of exercises that you can do to help tighten your vaginal walls, such as pelvic floor and kegel exercises. Your doctor can give you more information about these and you can information on how to do this online as well.

Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness is another reason that you will not enjoy sex. This happens because the vaginal walls become dry and can be very painful for you while having sex. This is also a common problem with women going through menopause because estrogen levels drop. Your sexual partner will likely notice the dryness also and also will not enjoy sex as much.

 To help, you can purchase lubricants to try to make you more moist. These don't often last long, however. If you're running into this problem, you should see a gynecologist who can prescribe you with a vaginal estrogen. This is much safer than taking estrogen pills as most of the estrogen stays in your vagina instead of your entire body. There are also vaginal creams that you insert into your vagina. Some pills can also be inserted into your vagina. Both of these things will help build up the tissue on your vaginal walls to help you become wetter during sex.


20 October 2020

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