USCG Standard Requirements For Lifeboat First Aid Kits

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To have a first aid kit that is approved by the coast guard, it will need to meet the USCG Standard 160.041. This standard has several requirements.

Individual Cartons

The first aid kit must consist of individual cartons. Each of the cartons need to be labeled to determine what is in the carton, the size of the contents of the carton, how the contents should be used, and any State or Federal requirements. The container must be in a jacket that is watertight. The material is transparent and tough. Glass should not be used for vials. 

Specific Quantities

There are specific requirements for how many items must be contained in the kit. For example, you'll need five 4-inch bandages, two 2-inch bandages and three triangular bandages. You'll need three sterile gauze and one aspirin. 


A tourniquet is another common item needed in a first aid kit. This is a bandage or a flexible strip of material that is designed to apply pressure. This typically comes with a pair of scissors and safety pins. The tourniquet is used to control a hemorrhage. 

Treatment for Fainting

Ammonia inhalants are often needed to revive someone who is unconscious, also often called smelling salts. The ammonia triggers an inhaling reflex, which causes the lungs to work harder. It reverses the vagal parasympathetic effects that may have caused the individual to faint.

Treatment for Skin Irritation

An iodine applicator is applied topically to treat a skin infection. It should not be applied to open wounds and should not be taken orally. The dosage applied should be based on what is listed on the label.

Treatment for Eye Injuries

Ophthalmic ointment is used for those who have suffered an eye injury. The tube is squeezed on an inflamed eye. However, the tube should not touch the eye, which might damage it or cause irritation. An eye-patch is also available to apply to an inflamed eye.

Treatment for Broken Bones

Splints and wires are needed for those who have suffered a broken bone to immobilize the bone. The splint is held in place with a bandage. However, it's important to not attempt to set the bone. 

A New Lifeboat First Aid Kit

Before purchasing a lifeboat first aid kit, it's important to make sure that you are following the current regulations. The requirements for a lifeboat might change in the future and will be based on best practices.

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31 October 2019

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