Six Mistakes To Avoid To Make Your Child's Immunizations More Comfortable

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Although children might not enjoy undergoing vaccination, it's important to realize as a parent that child vaccinations are essential for ensuring the continued health of your child.

Fortunately, you can make vaccinations more comfortable for your child by avoiding mistakes that can make vaccines scary or uncomfortable for kids.

The following are six mistakes to avoid to make your child's immunizations more comfortable:

Being uninformed yourself going into things

If you are thoroughly informed and you can answer all your child's questions in detail, your child will have more confidence going into things. 

Make sure you discuss all the vaccines your child needs in detail with your doctor. Then, make sure you answer all of your child's questions and discuss the upcoming appointment with your child beforehand. 

Being unaware of combination vaccines

Nowadays, there are some vaccines that can be administered as combination vaccines. This means that doctors can give children multiple vaccinations through only one injection.

Combination vaccines can minimize the amount of times that a child has to undergo vaccination. 

Taking your child in without explaining what the vaccination is for specifically

Even if your child might not really understand the exact illness that they're being vaccinated against, it's still a good idea to tell your child what the vaccination is for.

This way, the child has a little more awareness of what the purpose of the vaccine is and the reason the child has to undergo the experience.

Not explaining the importance of vaccination to your child

You should provide some basic information about what vaccinations are and how they can protect your child's health. Vaccinations can seem confusing and strange for children, but giving them some general background information on what they are can be helpful. 

Making vaccinations sound worse than they are beforehand

While you want to inform your child regarding vaccinations, don't go overboard. Provide your child with the information that's necessary, but don't dwell on the subject too long or make the discomfort sound any worse than it is. 

Failing to provide some motivation for getting the vaccination over with

It's always a good idea to motivate your child to get the ordeal over with by offering a reward afterwards. You can reward your child by taking them out to their favorite restaurant or giving them their favorite dessert. 

Offering a reward for successfully undergoing the ordeal gives your child something desirable to focus on to distract them from the vaccination appointment itself. 


2 August 2019

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