Help Your Child Get Into The Military With Glaucoma Treatments

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Your child has dreamed of joining the military from a young age and plans on using their career as a way to finance their college education. Unfortunately, they have developed early symptoms of glaucoma due to a childhood accident. Seeking ophthalmology services right away is critical for ensuring that they get into the military.

Why Injuries To The Eyes May Trigger Glaucoma

Glaucoma typically develops in people as they age and occurs when a channel in the eye gets blocked and allows liquid to back up in the eye. However, your child may have suffered from a blow to the head or eye area when playing a game and caused that channel to block up.

When this happens, your child is going to suffer from persistent eye pain whenever the channel blocks. This pain will come and go, but will do damage to their eyesight. Sadly, it can also do real damage to their potential career in the military.

How Glaucoma Complicates Your Child's Military Career

During an examination to join the military, your child's vision and potential eye problems will be gauged. This process is critical because it ensures that they have no issues that could complicate their military career. Unfortunately, glaucoma is one of those problems that a military doctor will search for during an examination.

Depending on the severity of the glaucoma, the doctor may state that your child is unable to join the military. That's because they are worried about the risk of blindness, particularly if your child has done little to manage their condition. That's why it is so crucial to teach them proper glaucoma care and treatment method.

Treatment For This Disease Is Possible

Glaucoma is a condition that will stay with a person for the rest of their lives. However, treatment can reduce its severity and decrease the risk of permanent blindness. For example, a person can take daily eye drop medication to lower the pressure in the eye. Other treatment methods include laser and operation-room surgeries to alleviate pressure.

Starting these treatments with an ophthalmologist when your child is young is very critical. A good treatment specialist can not only help your child understand these treatment methods but teach them good eye care methods. In this way, you can provide your child with the skills they need to overcome potential blindness and make it into the military.

So if you have a child who is interested in joining the military but who developed glaucoma after an eye injury, talk to an ophthalmologist right away. With their help, your child can overcome this condition, prevent blindness, and become the military professional that they want to be.


27 October 2018

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