Why You Should Consider Hiring A Flu Service To Provide Shots For Your Employees

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Employee absenteeism can cost your company a lot of money when it interferes with productivity. When the flu season hits hard, you may have many employees out at the same time. That makes it difficult to fill the vacant spots with qualified workers, so your production level stays constant. While it isn't possible to eliminate sick days entirely, there are some things you can do in the workplace to promote employee health. One of those is to encourage employees to take the flu shot each year. You can make it easy for them by hiring a company to provide the shots in your building. Here's why this could be a good idea:

Compliance May Be Higher When It's Easy To Get A Flu Shot

Your employees probably lead busy lives with working, raising kids, and maintaining a home. They may not want to take time to go to a doctor to get a flu shot, especially if they are normally healthy all the time. When you provide the shots at work, it makes it very easy to get a shot because all they have to do is stop by the health office. When a large percentage of your employees are protected from the flu, fewer will get sick, so there will be fewer people spreading the flu around your building. You can extend the shots to employee family members as well to further protect your workplace from getting infected.

You Can Leave The Work To The Health Service

You may be leery that hosting a flu vaccination event will require a lot of your time. However, there will be little for you to do other than provide a place for the flu service organization to set up and encourage your employees to attend. The service brings in all the necessary equipment and attends to the required paperwork. Employees can present their insurance cards as payment, so the process flows seamlessly. You could even offer the shots as an employee benefit and distribute flu shot cards that can be redeemed for a shot at work or at another location for those on vacation who miss the event. There may be a little disruption to your usual routine during the event, but not enough to interfere with productivity.

The Health Service Can Help With Marketing

If you decide to contract with a flu shot service, you'll want to do it well in advance of flu season. This ensures you'll get the booking dates you want and it also gives you plenty of time to promote the event. The service can help market the shots to your employees by providing posters and brochures regarding the date and time the shots will be provided. Getting the word out to employees on all shifts is important since you want as many people as possible to participate.

Once you've hosted flu shots for your employees and seen how well the shots protect them during a rough flu season, you may want to provide the shots as an annual benefit. Once you establish an annual flu shot event, more employees will know about it and look forward to participating so they can avoid getting sick and protect their family members too.

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6 December 2017

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