How To Give Your Athletic Husband A Birthday He'll Always Remember

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Is your husband a professional athlete? Perhaps he isn't a professional, but he might absolutely love anything to do with athletics and personal fitness. If that's the case, consider focusing on those interests when you plan your husband's upcoming birthday. From planning a special event to arranging for a full body sports massage, here are some ideas on how to give your athletic husband a birthday he'll always remember.

A Great Beginning

Does your husband start his day with something like a brisk run or time at the gym? Then you'll want to decide when to start your part of the birthday celebration.

When you know your husband is ready for his breakfast, make it an impressive one. For example, make him breakfast burritos and serve them with something special like chocolate covered strawberries. For the healthy side of your husband, accompany the main course with a green smoothie that contains fruits and vegetables.

The Fun Part

Think of how your husband would like to celebrate his special day. For example, if you know that your husband would love to see his best buddies, think of hosting a dinner party for them and their wives.

If you feel like your husband would love some alone time with you, think of taking him on a romantic evening picnic. Do you have children? If so, think about doing something fun with them and with grandparents who are in the area.

If you're celebrating your husband's birthday as a family, think of going somewhere special. The zoo, a pizza parlor or a baseball game are just a few ideas to consider for a family outing to celebrate your husband's special day.

The Birthday Gift

Focus on your husband's love of athletics. Give him the gift of a sports massage. The sports massage therapist will have had the training to know exactly how to relieve sore muscles. Besides helping sore muscles, the therapist will also add massage techniques that will relax your husband from head to toe.

Depending on your bank account, consider giving your husband a gift coupon that entitles your husband to a sports massage every month. And if you do give your husband the gift of a sports massage, be sure to tell him whether or not a gratuity has been paid already.

Add to the day with sweet words of love and appreciation to your husband, both by you and by your children. Little hand written notes would be a great way to start or end the day.


19 September 2017

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