Bunion Surgery: Make Recovery More Comfortable Using These Tips And Tricks

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Your scheduled bunion surgery is quickly approaching, so you may be wondering what you can do to make sure that your recovery is comfortable and convenient. Here are a few tips and tricks to consider using that should help make recovery easier on you overall:

Pack an Activity Box

Because you'll have to stay off your foot while it's in a boot for a few days after bunion surgery, you may feel like you have a lot more time on your hands than usual. To help pass the time and minimize the feeling of not being productive, pack an activity box to utilize when you get home.

The box should include a few activities that help you feel productive. If you enjoy knitting or sewing, pack the tools and accessories you'll need to create a new throw blanket while you heal. If you prefer working with wood, plan a small wooden boat or toy project and gather all the materials you'll need so they are easily accessible when you get home from bunion surgery.

Keep the Freezer Stocked

You can minimize swelling and pain by icing your foot on a regular basis, so it's a good idea to stock your freezer with a bunch of ice packs before heading in to have bunion surgery. Buy a variety of different sized ice packs so you have one to fit any circumstance you might find yourself in. Small ice packs will come in handy when you need to leave the house and travel with them. Large packs that cover the entire foot will be useful in the evening at home when your foot is most swollen due to moving around throughout the day.

Invest in Some New Shoes

Your foot will likely stay at least a little swollen for several weeks after bunion surgery, so you may not be able to wear the shoes that you already own for awhile. Before having bunion surgery, invest in a couple pairs of comfortable walking shoes that are a size or two bigger than you usually wear. This will help ensure that you can conveniently get around until you can start wearing your old shoes again.

Take Time for Physical Therapy

A great way to speed your recovery time up is to participate in physical therapy, where you'll learn new methods of using your foot while it heals so life is easier in general. Your doctor should be able to recommend a physical therapist and therapy options that will meet your specific needs and expectations.

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24 August 2017

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