How To Care For Your Back When You Work In An Office

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Working in an office means spending much of your day sitting. You may be returning emails, writing reports and doing research and none of that is conducive to having a strong, healthy back. It is possible that you will experience back pain at some point, and potentially be at risk for contracting an illness such as heart disease simply because you sit at work. You can care for your back and keep it strong when you work in an office and here are just a couple of ways to do that.


One thing you can do is complete some simple stretches to loosen and strengthen your back during the day. Take a few minutes every hour or so and get up and stand by your chair. Bend over at the waist slowly in all directions until you feel a slight tightening in your lower back area. This is a great way to stretch out your lower back after sitting for some time. You can also help to strengthen your back while sitting too. Simply, tighten your abdominal muscles and hold it for a few minutes and then release again. This helps to support your back and helps to ease the pain.

Wear Support

If you find your back has weakened and you are experiencing pain while at work, then you might want to wear a back support. This support piece will attach around your waist and extend slightly up your back, holding it firmly and giving you support for your long day. These support pieces can also have copper or magnets inserted into the item to help with the pain.


If your back pain has increased to the point where it is very painful to sit for long periods and your doctor has not recommended surgery to repair any damage, then you might want to visit a chiropractor to treat your problem. Chiropractors can work all parts of your anatomy, including your neck, arms, legs and back to realign those muscles and ligaments that can get out of sync with the rest of the body causing pain.

There are some employers who now offer space within their buildings to chiropractors and also offer funding through their insurance packages to their employees who might be having issues with their backs so that they may get the help from a chiropractor. These employers realize that by helping their employees with receiving help, there is less of a chance for those employees to take time off due to back issues. For more information, talk with a care provider like Hiler Chiropractic and Vax-D Decompression Center.


4 August 2017

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