Important Reasons To Encourage Your Elderly Relative To Get A Medicare Supplement Plan

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Do you take care of an elderly relative? Are you worried about increased medical costs for him or her in the future? Fortunately, if your relative is on Medicare, there is a way to make sure that more things are covered. A Medicare supplement plan may be exactly what you and your relative are looking for. Here are some of the reasons why you should encourage them to get one:

Coverage while traveling: If your relative is still well enough to travel to Mexico, Canada, or any other country, Medicare won't cover any medical costs while they're in a foreign country. These costs will only be covered if they are in the United States or traveling between Alaska and the lower 48 states when a medical emergency occurs. If your relative would like to be able to travel internationally to visit another relative of theirs and doesn't want to have to worry about unexpected medical expenses, a Medicare supplement plan can help. While not all supplement plans will cover foreign travel, you can look for one that will. 

Guaranteed coverage: If your relative is just about to turn 65 or has only turned 65 within the past couple of months, he or she cannot be turned down for a Medicare supplement plan. Once on a plan, the insurance company can't cancel your relative's plan, so long as they continue to pay the required premiums. As a result, even if your relative is in comparatively good health at the moment, it's a good idea to get the supplemental insurance even if it's not absolutely necessary at the moment. If your relative gets in an accident or otherwise needs more medical care all of a sudden, the two of you will be glad that the supplement plan was already in place.

Keep same doctor:  Most of the time, a Medicare supplement plan will allow your relative to continue seeing the same doctor, so long as that doctor accepts Medicare. The exception to this is if your relative chooses to enroll in a Medicare SELECT supplement plan. This type of plan has a specific network of doctors and hospitals that can be used by patients if they want to get the full benefits of the SELECT plan. This type of plan may have advantages for your relative, so you don't want to dismiss the idea simply because your relative will have to stay in-network. Make sure to compare the benefits of all supplement plans that your relative is eligible for before you both decide to choose a particular plan.

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12 September 2016

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