Top 5 Easy Weight Loss Tips

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Are you having trouble sticking to your New Year's resolution? Do you have extra pounds you want to lose? The best way to start is to get some weight loss advice. Here are five tips on weight loss:

1. Think small

When you have a big plate your tendency is to fill it up. Think small. Instead of using dinner plates, use salad plates. This is an easy way to cut your portion sizes without even thinking about it. Do the same with bowls and glasses. You can even apply this concept to restaurants and fast food. If you go through the drive-thru, order a kid's meal. While you're in a restaurant ask for a to-go container and put half your food in the container before eating.

2. Learn to cook

Cooking and weight loss go together like milk and cookies. When you cook, you know exactly what's going in your food. You can swap unhealthy ingredients for nutrient rich, whole ingredients. Cooking also makes it easy to control portion sizes and count calories since you can measure everything exactly. If you need recipe ideas check out healthy living blogs and healthy eating cookbooks.

3. Substitute

Instead of banning foods, try substituting them instead. Telling yourself you can't have a cookie is a certain way to make sure you won't stick to your weight loss plan. Instead of restricting yourself, find healthy replacements. Here are some examples:

  • Carbonated or seltzer water for soda
  • Low fat or skim milk for whole milk
  • Light beer for regular beer
  • Vinegar or oil based dressing for creamy dressing
  • Wheat bread for white bread
  • Brown rice for white rice
  • Whole grain pasta for regular pasta

4. Treat yourself

You don't need to eat healthy all the time to lose weight. As long as you exercise portion control and have room in your calorie budget you can indulge from time to time. Save 200-300 calories per day to eat whatever you want, completely guilt-free. Have that scoop of ice cream, cookie, or handful of chips. Give yourself one day every month to have whatever you want all day. On this day, you're not allowed to think about healthy eating. Don't call it a "cheat day". The idea of cheating will make you feel guilty and deprived so you'll be less likely to stick to your diet.

5. Set yourself up for success

Do you have a busy day coming up? On crazy days you're going to be tempted to get takeout or grab a pizza. Set yourself up for success by planning ahead. Look for recipes on a healthy living blog, and pop a healthy meal in the slow cooker in the morning so you'll have dinner waiting for you when you come home. You're not going to hit up the drive-thru if you know there's a hot, fresh meal ready at home.

These are five, easy tips on weight loss. Those extra pounds will be gone without the sacrifice.


5 February 2016

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