Choosing A Cane That Meets Your Needs

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If you could get by better with the use of a cane then you want to make sure you get the right one. You can't just use any cane or you won't get the full benefit that they can offer. The right cane will be one that's the correct height, helps you to keep your balance and offers you a handle that fits comfortably in your hand. Some canes even have other features that can help you to get more comfort and security out of them.   Learn about some things to look for in a walking cane in this article.

The height 

You want to get a cane that will be the right height for you whether you are walking around the house barefoot or wearing your favorite pair of shoes. You can choose a cane that is in the middle of the perfect height and that has a handle that has a higher and lower part so you can always walk comfortably with it. You can also get a cane that you can adjust by sliding it up or down when you need to.    

The handle

The handle of your cane is very important. You want to be able to use the cane without it causing you pain or discomfort in your hand or wrist. Different people will find different handles to be more comfortable for them, so you should try a few types out and pay attention to which types feel good. You can also choose a cane that offers you a supportive brace around your lower arm if you have a wrist condition that makes it hard to put too much pressure on it.

The base

You may do fine with a cane that has a single support leg at the bottom. However, if you find you need a little more help with your balance then you can get a cane that has four support legs at the bottom. You can also find canes that have a curve in them that can help to support you in certain circumstances.  

Special features

Some custom canes come with other features, such as built-in knives or flashlights. If you have a special need that can be incorporated in a cane, you just may be able to find one that fulfills that need.

Finding the right cane can make a huge difference to how well you are able to get around. It can give you back your mobility in a way you had never imagined. Contact a local outlet, such as Pro-Med Equipment & Supply, for further assistance.


5 January 2016

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