How To Create Your Own Healthy Coffee Bar At Home

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You may love those expensive cups of morning joe, but unless you know how to order them to make them low-cal and low fat, those expensive drinks will only add to your waist. Added fat around your middle leads to diabetes and pulmonary issues, not to mention increased expenses in medical bills. Instead of going to a pricey, fattening coffee bar away from home, you can create your very own healthy coffee bar in your own kitchen, and here is how to do it.

Invest in a High-End Coffeemaker

There are several new models of coffeemakers on the market that are able to make coffee, espresso, and steamed milk exactly as you want it and in the amounts you want. The most popular machines make single-serve, customizable, coffee bar-style drinks, which is especially useful when you are entertaining a large and diverse group of coffee drinkers. Once you have a really good coffeemaker on your counter, the next step is to select and buy your drink ingredients carefully.

Use Skim Milk in Place of Fatty Milk or Cream

Sure, that high fat or "low fat" milk or even cream all taste delightful in coffee, but they do not make a healthy coffee drink. Opt instead for skim milk. Do not worry about getting the right amount of "froth" in your latte or cappuccino because you do not have enough fat in your milk. That is a misconception, since the frothiness of your coffee "lightener" has more to do with the jet stream of air in your espresso arm and the right amount of heat than it does with fat content in your milk or creamer.

Use Low-Cal Coffee Syrups

All the major coffee bar chains do it--low-cal coffee syrups in the coffee drinks when customers ask for it. You can even buy your favorite low-cal syrup flavors in gallon jugs from your favorite coffee chain. Then you can add a couple of "pumps" of your syrup to your drink every morning right at your own countertop. Additionally, there are dozens of coffee syrups in a variety of flavors that are not used by coffeehouse chains and are available at both your local supermarket and specialty foods stores.

Use Zero-Calorie, All-Natural Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners have been linked to several different types of cancer. They are also cited as a possible cause for numerous metabolic disorders. Avoid all of that and just use zero-calorie, all-natural sweeteners like stevia or agave nectar. You will still get that little bit of sweetness in your coffee that you crave but without the dozens of calories and health issues your body does not need.

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4 December 2015

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