Pregnant? 2 Things To Expect From Your First OBGYN Appointment

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When you discover that you are pregnant, you might find yourself a little stressed about going to the doctor for the first time. After all, who wants to undress in front of a stranger? Although it might seem intimidating, meeting with a doctor is the first step to a healthy pregnancy. Here are two things to expect from your first OBGYN appointment, and why you shouldn't worry.

1: Offering Your Medical History

Although your thyroid condition and old car accident might not seem like a pressing current matter, the details of your medical history can have a significant bearing on your pregnancy. You might have anatomical differences created by previous surgeries, or your medication might have to be changed based on existing health conditions. For these reasons, one of the first things you will do when you go to the doctor is talk about your overall health.

In addition to learning about conditions and previous surgeries, your doctor might also ask about things like sexually transmitted diseases and prior pregnancies. For example, if you have had a miscarriage before, it might change the way your prenatal care is handled. You might be asked to have additional sonograms to make sure that the baby is alright, or take medication to keep your hormones in check.

Although it might seem embarrassing to discuss private health matters with a new doctor, being open and honest is crucial for your treatment. Remember that your information is protected by patient privacy laws, and that your doctor has probably treated similar cases in the past.

2: A Sonogram

After your doctor has a better idea about your overall health and potential for complications, he or she will physically check on your little one by issuing a sonogram. Here are a few things your doctor will look for:

  • Heartbeat: The first thing your doctor will try to spot is a tiny heartbeat flickering inside of your little unborn baby. If there isn't a heartbeat and your baby is measuring small, it might be too soon to tell. Unfortunately, a missing heartbeat could also be a sign that you will be having a miscarriage. However, if your baby has a strong heartbeat, your doctor will make sure that the embryo looks healthy.
  • Womb Health: Your doctor will also check the overall health of your uterus and cervix to check for any irregularities.

Whatever the outcome of your sonogram may be, remember that your doctor is there for support. After evaluating the situation, your doctor might let you know what to expect so that you don't worry.

By understanding what will happen during your first OBGYN appointment, you might be able to relax and enjoy the experience. 


27 March 2015

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