3 Tips For Keeping Your Eyes Healthy While Wearing Contacts

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Many people spend a great deal of time and money caring for their teeth, their skin, and other health needs. But how many people take the time to care for one of their most important organs, the eyes. If you wear contacts you might not recognize how dangerous they can be to your eyes if you are not wearing them correctly. Here are a couple things that you should do to properly care for your contacts.

1. Do Not Sleep In Them

If you have contacts that should be removed every night, it is imperative that you remove them every night. Contacts do not allow the eye to breathe like it should. This means that if you leave the contacts in for a long period of time, the bacteria that is in your eye will cause infections. The dangerous thing is that in some cases the infection is not easily detectable. Instead, the infection slowly eats away at your eyes until it can cause permanent vision loss, and even blindness.

In addition to vision loss, you might experience damaged corneas. This will prohibit you from being a candidate for LASIK if you choose to get it down the road.

2. Wash Them Correctly

Your eyes are full of bacteria as previously mentioned. Even if you take out your contacts nightly, it is important that you make sure that you are properly cleaning them. Otherwise you will simply put the contact in a pool of its own bacteria to soak overnight.

The proper way to clean the contact is to take the contact and rinse it with contact solution. After you have done this you should rub the contact with your fingers to remove any bacteria or protein that might have gotten stuck on it.

After you have washed the contact you can soak it. You can soak the contact in the proper solution. This will help to rehydrate it and keep it clean. By doing this nightly you ensure that when you put the contact back into your eye it is clean and healthy.

3. Go To Your Eye Exam

Many people mistakenly think that the only reason they should go to their eye exam is for a new prescription. This is not the case. One of the most important reasons you should go is to check your eye health. The doctor can detect disease, infection and many more problems. Early detection is key, so by keeping your regular appointments, with doctors such as Terrezza O.D. & Associates, P.A., you can prevent serious problems.

By doing these simple things you can keep your eyes healthy. 


6 November 2014

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