How A Grin Lift Can Turn A Permanent Frown Into A Smile


A person's smile is an important social tool. A smile portrays confidence, likability, and friendliness, and people who smile are often perceived as more attractive than those who do not smile. Unfortunately, some people have an "angry" resting face, and their default facial expression is a frown. A person with a permanent frown can now turn it "upside down" with a cosmetic surgery procedure called the "grin lift."

What is a Grin Lift?

A "grin lift" is a surgical procedure that removes soft tissue around the lips, which lifts the corners of a person's mouth from its permanent resting frown position.

Why Would Someone Have a Permanent Frown?

Aging: With age, a person's facial muscles can start sagging. When the muscles around the mouth sag, that person might be left with a "permanent frown." 

Genetics: Some people are simply born with a built-in frown. This angry resting face can result in a less-than-approachable appearance and is often unflattering. 

Previous Face Lifts: Botox treatments or a previous cosmetic surgeries can fix a lot of aesthetic issues, but if the patient addressed only certain areas of the face, like eye and forehead wrinkles, then that person's smile may not "fit" the rest of the facial features.

Accidents: Unfortunately, people that have been injured as a result of a car wreck, a dog attack, or any number of other accidents might need reconstructive surgery. Despite an excellent reconstruction, that victim might still have issues around the mouth.

Why Should Someone Consider a Grin Lift Instead of Other Procedures?

Face lifts and Botox treatments are not the best options for a person who has a permanent frown but is otherwise happy with other facial features or comfortable with existing wrinkles. Similarly, a person who wants to fix a resting frown but does not want or need to fix a misaligned bite, relieve jaw pain, or correct a sinking chin should consider a grin lift in lieu of more expensive orthodontic surgery. Unlike other procedures, like lip augmentation or Botox, a grin lift is a permanent procedure; thus, a patient will not need to maintain the new smile every few months or years. 

A grin lift is an out-patient procedure that takes a mere twenty minutes and a little bit of anesthesia, so it is particularly beneficial for people that cannot have the long recovery time that is associated with more complex cosmetic surgeries. It is also remarkably affordable--on average, a grin lift costs between $350 and $650. 


5 November 2014

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