Eye Exams: Two Questions You May Be Wondering


Your eyes are highly complex organs that allow you to see the world around you, but it is an unfortunate fact of life that your vision can start to deteriorate as you age. While eye doctors can treat many of these conditions, it is always preferable to have these conditions diagnosed and treated early. Due to this, you should regularly visit your eye care provider for these exams, but many people do not appreciate the benefits of these exams because they think they will be inconvenient. Not surprisingly, there may be a couple of questions about eye exams you need answered. 

When Do You Need To Get An Eye Exam?

Generally speaking, you should get an eye exam at least once a year. During this exam, your physician will check your visual acuity, look for signs of chronic eye problems and they can provide you with a prescription for corrective lenses. By having these exams done at least once a year, you can easily monitor your eye health, and this can help your physician diagnose conditions before they have a chance to develop into major issues. 

However, if you notice a sudden or gradual change in your vision, you should schedule a visit for an eye exam as soon as possible. It is possible for problems to develop between your exams, and scheduling an exam soon after the symptoms start showing can help keep treatment invasiveness to a minimum. 

What Information Do You Need To Provide Your Eye Doctor?

If you have changed eye care providers, it will be important to ensure they have your medical history concerning your eyes. This information will allow them to more accurately evaluate your vision, and this can lead to more effective treatment. However, some people may be under the impression that it is very difficult to get a copy of your records, but it is actually a simple process. 

You will need to contact your current eye doctor, and inform them that you need a copy of your medical history. Many providers will copy and send it to your new doctor free of charge, but others may charge you for printing the copies. After paying any applicable charges, the records will either be released to you or forwarded to your new doctor. 

Regular eye exams can help you keep your vision sharp for years to come. After learning the answers to these common questions, you will be more informed about the importance of these exams, at places such as Wear Eyewear, and what to expect during one. 


5 November 2014

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