4 Things To Know About Laser Tattoo Removal

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Perhaps years ago you got a tattoo, and for awhile it was the best thing ever, but now you realize that you're not the same person, and you'd like to have the tattoo removed. The most effective way to do that is to undergo laser treatment for tattoo removal. This process uses directed laser light to gradually fade your tattoos over a period of time. To help you decide if this is right for you, here are some important things to know about the procedure.

It Breaks Down the Ink -- Laser treatment is a process in which laser light is directed at your tattoo, which triggers a breakdown of the ink used in your tattoo. The laser treatment is so specific that the technician will code the colors of your tattoo into the laser settings so that the light can burn at the proper intensity level needed to dissolve the ink. For example, black dye is harder to break down than white dye, so the laser would be set to burn higher for the darker hue.

It Requires Multiple Visits -- Unless you have a very small tattoo that you are having removed, there is almost no way in which you can get rid of a regular tattoo without making more than one visit to a laser treatment center. Laser tattoo removal is not a magic wand, but it is effective if done multiple times. The biggest factors that determine the rate at which your tattoo will fade is the chemical dye used on your tattoo and how quickly your immune system begins to reject the dye on your skin.

It Has No Guarantee of Total Removal -- Again, tattoo removal is an inexact process, and is largely dependent on the tattoo dye and your own healing. However, no laser treatment comes with an assurance that the entire tattoo will fade even after a long period of time. Laser treatment has been shown to be very effective at fading tattoos to the point where they are no longer clearly visible, but total removal may not be achievable for everyone. If you have a tattoo that covers your entire back, chances are that while laser treatment will fade that tattoo, the sheer size of the inking may prevent total removal.

It Is Slightly Painful -- Laser treatment through a company like Eastern Carolina Ear Nose & Throat-Head has a slight discomfort when it's applied to tattoos. Quite a few patients say the pain isn't intense, and is more akin to a constant pinching of their skin as the light goes to work. Ice is usually sufficient to reduce inflammation and pain.


5 November 2014

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