3 Tips For Preventing Back Pain


You have responsibilities. You can't afford to slow down due to debilitating back pain. If you want to prevent back pain before it has a chance to become a reality, try these three tips.

1. Place an ice pack on the injury.

Cold helps to quell inflammation that causes the pain and soreness. This is especially helpful during the first 24 hours after an injury. Just be sure to alternate placing the pack and removing it every ten minutes to give your back a break from the cold. This will prevent skin damage.  

2. Make your workspace ergonomic.

If you have to stretch your arm out to an unreasonable length to reach your mouse pad, you are setting yourself up for pain that presents in the middle of your back between your shoulder blades. Instead, bring your mouse pad up to a more comfortable position. Your arms should rest comfortably in front of you with your elbows bent at around ninety degrees.  

Elevate your monitor so that the middle of the screen is at your eye level. If you have to crane your neck up to see the monitor or stare down at the monitor you will likely have pain in your neck and back. Your human resources professional or manager should be able to provide you with the necessary tools (wrist rests, foot stools, mouse pad rests, etc.) to make your workspace more ergonomic.

3. Straighten up your posture.

Stand sideways and look at yourself in the mirror. Try to stand up as straight as you can. Tilt your pelvis slightly forward and roll your shoulders backwards. When you notice yourself slouching try to remember to tilt your hips forward and stand erect.    

Slouching when you walk or stand goes against spinal health. That is because slumping over blocks spinal fluid flow and causes unnecessary straining of your back muscles.

This concept is especially applicable if you're tall. That is because tall people often slouch as a subliminal apology for being vertically gifted. Instead, be proud of your height and stand tall. Your back will feel much better.

A Few Final Thoughts

Some back pain can be a sign of a more complicated problem. If you feel numbness or tingling in your feet or legs or your back pain doesn't go away or gets worse, contact your family chiropractor like one from Olson Chiropractic Centers to schedule a visit to discuss your particular health and what treatment is right for you.



5 November 2014

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